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Legal requests

The IETF publishes all legal requests, subpoenas, and responses.

Most types of IETF documents are publicly available from on this website, including RFCs, Internet Drafts, mailing list archives, intellectual property rights disclosures, working group activity, and Meeting Proceedings.

If obtaining IETF documents from the public IETF web pages is not sufficient then parties engaged in litigation relating to technologies that use or incorporate IETF standards may wish to obtain information directly from the IETF, in the form of documents, responses to questions or other tangible items. This is likely to occur when the litigant believes that some activity that occurred within the IETF process, or some intellectual property relating to an IETF standard, is directly related to the case in question. The term "documents" is often defined broadly by subpoenas and can include both electronic and hard copy sources, such as working group session attendance lists ("Blue Sheets"), minutes, Internet Drafts, RFCs, and emails.

To obtain such information, the litigant may send a Documentation Request seeking the information to the IETF. Request and response procedures are discussed at Legal Request Procedures.

The IETF LLC has a Fees Policy for Legal Requests that imposes standard fees to produce information and authenticate documents in response to subpoenas and other legal requests. More information and a schedule of fees can be found here.

For legal requests prior to the formation of the LLC, please refer to the IAOC archives.

Documentation Requests, Subpoenas, and Suits Received