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Affiliate Groups

Affiliate Groups are groups for IETF participants to discuss hobbies and outside interests. They do not do IETF work!

Affiliate Groups (AG)  are not official IETF groups - they are a way for IETF participants to self-organize around a shared, non-IETF activity (like hobbies, outside interests, etc). 

They are not IETF Working Groups, they do not do IETF work, they don't produce documents, they don't represent the IETF in any way. They are largely a social activity, for things like rock-climbers, HAM operators, whiskey lovers, and similar.

For real-time chatting during meetings that doesn't relate to any specific area or working group, participants are encouraged to use the "hallway" multi-user chat room on the IETF's XMPP sever.

To join, point your XMPP (Jabber) client at "". Note that this chat room isn't related to Affiliate Groups, but the intended social nature of that room is similar to the social nature of the mailing lists listed below.

Community India

Targeted towards increasing participation from India. We organize get-togethers during the IETF meeting and use this list to coordinate local events in India.



A gathering place for all amateur radio operators. Our goals are to foster communication and knowledge sharing among hams, as well as to interact with the broader community. A bunch of us bring HTs with us to meetings; bring yours too and we can connect....


IETF Cycling

Discussion list for finding good cycling options and events near IETF meetings venues and for sharing cycling-related experiences with IETF participants.


IETF Runners

Discussion list for finding good routes around IETF meeting venues for running, and for sharing running-related experiences with IETF participants.


IETF Sailors

Discussion list to plan sailing events collocated with IETF meetings, usually on the weekends immediately before or after an IETF.



This affiliate group is about IETFers who are also pilots, or student pilots, or simply passionate to fly aircrafts. Let's share tips and experience linked (or not!) to IETF activities.



This is a discussion list for organizing SCUBA diving around IETF
meetings. You can use it to find dive buddies to go diving with, or to
ask for recommendations of places to go or dive operations to dive with,
or for general questions regarding diving in areas around IETF meetings.


Warren Kumari ( is helping catalog these - if you know of an existing group which should be listed here, please send him a short summary, and pointer to the list info page. If you'd like to start a new group / mailing list, please follow the Non-Working Group Email List Guidelines process. To help keep things organized, affiliate group lists should be called <something>-ag.