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IESG Statements

2018-03-16 IETF Meeting Photography Policy
2017-02-09 License File for Open Source Repositories
2016-11-13 Support Documents in IETF Working Groups
2016-01-11 Guidance on Face-to-Face and Virtual Interim Meetings
2015-08-20 IESG Statement on Maximizing Encrypted Access To IETF Information
2015-06-11 IESG Statement on Internet Draft Authorship
2014-07-20 IESG Statement on Designating RFCs as Historic
2014-05-07 DISCUSS Criteria in IESG Review
2014-03-02 Writable MIB Module IESG Statement
2013-11-03 IETF Anti-Harassment Policy
2012-10-25 IESG Statement on Ethertypes
2012-10-25 IESG Statement on Removal of an Internet-Draft from the IETF Web Site
2011-10-20 IESG Statement on Designating RFCs as Historic
2011-06-27 IESG Statement on Designating RFCs as Historic
2011-06-13 IESG Statement on IESG Processing of RFC Errata concerning RFC Metadata
2010-10-11 IESG Statement on Document Shepherds
2010-05-24 IESG Statement on the Usage of Assignable Codepoints, Addresses and Names in Specification Examples
2010-05-24 IESG Statement on NomCom Eligibility and Day Passes
2009-09-08 IESG Statement on Copyright
2009-01-20 IESG Statement on Proposed Status for IETF Documents Reserving Resources for Example Purposes
2008-09-02 Guidance on Interim Meetings, Conference Calls and Jabber Sessions
2008-07-30 IESG Processing of RFC Errata for the IETF Stream
2008-04-14 IESG Statement on Spam Control on IETF Mailing Lists
2008-03-03 IESG Statement on Registration Requests for URIs Containing Telephone Numbers
2008-02-27 IESG Statement on RFC3406 and URN Namespaces Registry Review
2008-01-23 Advice for WG Chairs Dealing with Off-Topic Postings
2007-10-04 On Appeals of IESG and Area Director Actions and Decisions
2007-07-05 Experimental Specification of New Congestion Control Algorithms
2007-03-20 Guidance on Area Director Sponsoring of Documents
2007-01-15 Last Call Guidance to the Community
2006-04-19 IESG Statement: Normative and Informative References
2006-02-17 IESG Statement on Disruptive Posting
2006-01-09 Guidance for Spam Control on IETF Mailing Lists
2006-01-05 IESG Statement on AUTH48 State
2005-05-12 Syntax for Format Definitions
2003-02-11 IESG Statement on IDN
2002-11-27 Copyright Statement in MIB and PIB Modules
2002-03-13 Guidance for Spam Control on IETF Mailing Lists
2001-12-21 On Design Teams
2001-10-01 Guidelines for the Use of Formal Languages in IETF Specifications
2001-03-21 Establishment of Temporary Sub-IP Area
2000-12-06 Plans to Organize "Sub-IP" Technologies in the IETF
2000-11-20 A New IETF Work Area
2000-08-29 Guidance on Interim IETF Working Group Meetings and Conference Calls
2000-08-29 IESG Guidance on the Moderation of IETF Working Group Mailing Lists