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IETF Systers

The IETF Systers Program offers women the opportunity to catch up with friends across all areas of the Internet Engineering Task Force and the Internet Research Task Force.

IETF Systers at IETF 104
IETF Systers at IETF 104, in Prague

IETF Systers participants gain support by networking, sharing advice and experiences, and collaborating on various projects. We welcome women of all ages and at any stage of their studies or careers, and we encourage our members to utilize the Systers group as an  informal mentoring and information gathering network. We are here to support and encourage each other. 

The IETF Systers has gathered during nearly every IETF meeting since 1993. The founder of the program, Allison Mankin, chose the name Systers as an answer to the late Anita Borg’s call for women in computer systems to support and celebrate each other. IETF Systers is a recognized initiative of 

Complementing the face-to-face gatherings, the Systers email list is for Systers anywhere, and topics can be about any concern of the list members.  The list is open to anyone identifying as a woman who is interested in the IETF, even if she participates only by mail. To join the mailing list, you can subscribe via the moderated link here

If you are interested in learning more about IETF Systers or sponsoring the program, please contact the list moderators

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