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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee or, as it is typically known, the NomCom, exists to review open IESG, IAB and IAOC positions and to nominate a candidate for each.

The NomCom is comprised of at least one chair, 10 voting volunteers, 2-3 liaisons, and an advisor. The NomCom Chair is appointed between the first and second meetings of the year, and the new NomCom officially begins its work once the selected volunteers are seated following the volunteer solicitation, random selection and community review time periods.

Details of the selection and operation of the Nomcom can be found in IAB, IESG, and IAOC Selection, Confirmation, and Recall Process: Operation of the Nominating and Recall Committees (BCP 10 / BCP 10) and Publicly Verifiable Nominations Committee (NomCom) Random Selection (RFC3797)

The NomCom Chair

Is appointed by the Internet Society President 

Ensures that NomCom completes its duties on schedule and in the best interest of the community

Does not vote on the selection of the candidates

Serves as an advisor to the next NomCom

The IESG and the IAB each provide a liaison to serve on NomCom, and ISOC Board of Trustees may also choose to provide a liaison. 

The ten voting members of the NomCom are selected through a complex, random process detailed in RFC 3797. In order to serve on the NomCom, an individual must have attended at least 3 out of the last 5 IETF meetings.

Once the NomCom has recommended candidates for the open positions, the candidates are reviewed and confirmed by another body. The IAB is responsible for confirming IESG candidates, the ISOC Board of Trustees confirms candidates for the IAB and the IESG confirms the candidate for the IAOC position.

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