IETF Hackathon sponsorship

IETF Hackathons encourage developers to collaborate and develop utilities, ideas, sample code and solutions that show practical implementations of IETF standards.

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IETF Hackathon Sponsorship

US $40,000

IETF Hackathons embody the IETF mantra of running code, bringing together open standards and open source. They are generally two-day events held in advance of IETF meetings.

IETF Hackathon sponsors receive:

  • Four (4) complimentary full conference registrations the IETF meeting adjacent to the sponsored IETF Hackathon
  • Company logo on the IETF Hackathon webpage
  • Acknowledgement at the IETF meeting plenary and proceedings adjacent to the IETF Hackathon
  • Company logo displayed on promotional materials, including event and Hackathon-specific signage, as well as outreach materials to open source and academic communities
  • Social media acknowledgement recognizing company as the Hackathon sponsor

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