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  • IETF 111 Hackathon: Coding across time zones

    The IETF 111 Hackathon was held July 19-23, 2021. This was the 19th IETF Hackathon, and the 4th held as an online only event. For most people involved in the IETF the past several years, the IETF Hackathon marks the start of each IETF meeting.

    • Charles EckelIETF Hackathon Co-chair
    8 Sep 2021
  • IETF 111 post-meeting survey

    The results from our IETF 111 post-meeting survey are now available.

    • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director
    23 Aug 2021
  • IETF Community Survey 2021

    In May 2021, the IETF Administration LLC (IETF LLC) on behalf of the IESG and in collaboration with the IAB distributed the first annual IETF community survey to all 56,000 addresses subscribed to IETF mailing lists. Its purpose was "To help better understand our community and its makeup, gather views on the IETF and how well it works for participants, and gain insight into how we compare to similar organisations".

    • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director
    11 Aug 2021
  • Experiences from the first fully-online IAB workshop on Network Impacts of COVID-19

    The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) held its first fully-online workshop in November 2019, just before the IETF 109 meeting, to discuss the network impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.

    • Mirja KühlewindIAB Chair
    23 Jul 2021
  • Applied Networking Research Prize presentations at IETF 111

    Presentations on research into network specification and verification and on low-latency video streaming will be featured during the Internet Research Task Force Open session of the IETF 111 Online meeting scheduled for 26-30 July.

      22 Jul 2021

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    Filter by topic and date

    Applied Networking Research Workshop (ANRW) 2021 focuses on network security, privacy, measurement, and emerging protocols

    • Nick FeamsterANRW Program co-chair
    • Andra Elena LutuANRW Program co-chair

    15 Jul 2021

    The 2021 Applied Networking Research Workshop (ANRW) provides a forum for researchers, vendors, network operators, and the Internet standards community to present and discuss emerging results in applied networking research, with a special emphasis on tools, datasets, and other artifacts accompanying related research papers.

    ANRW 2021

    As chairs, we aimed this year  to encourage submission of software and techniques that others in research and development could both reproduce and extend. The 16 accepted papers span a variety of topics, including network security and privacy, tools and protocols for Internet measurement, the study of emerging Internet protocols, and modifications or revisions to existing ones. These are all topics of great interest to the IETF and the network operations communities, and the workshop will run alongside the IETF 111 Online meeting.

    ANRW 2021 will consist of three 2-hour online sessions from 19:00-21:00 UTC on 26-28 July 2021. Following the model of other virtual conferences, talks at ANRW 2021 will be presented in a video conference with each paper having a 10-minute pre-recorded video followed by 5-minutes of Q&A. At the end of each day’s session, 15 minutes are reserved to continue the discussion between attendees and all presenters in the session. A dedicated Slack channel will allow for further discussion among workshop participants.

    Both of us are extremely honored and privileged to have had the opportunity to lead the program committee of this conference. We are extremely grateful to our other 30 program committee members who completed more than 100 thoughtful and high-quality reviews as part of the process of putting this program together. We extend our special thanks to the ANRW Steering Committee and ANRW sponsors, ACM SIGCOMM, Akamai and Comcast, for their trust and support. Finally, we thank everyone who submitted to ANRW, and particularly the authors of our accepted papers. 

    If you haven’t already, there’s still time to register for what we believe is an exciting and stellar program.

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