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  • IETF 118 post-meeting survey

    IETF 118 Prague was held 4-10 November 2023 and the results of the post-meeting survey are now available on a web-based interactive dashboard.

    • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director
    30 Nov 2023
  • Net zero update for 2023

    An update on the IETF’s carbon footprint over the past year and efforts going forward to increase the sustainability of how the IETF operates.

    • Greg WoodIETF LLC Director of Communications and Operations
    • Stephanie McCammonDirector of Meetings and Sponsorships, IETF Secretariat
    29 Nov 2023
  • IETF 118 Highlights

    The IETF 118 meeting was held in Prague in early November. In general, the meeting was productive and full of lively discussions fueled by 1067 onsite participants, and 1806 participants altogether.

    • Christopher A. WoodIAB Member
    28 Nov 2023
  • Cisco to host IETF 121 Dublin meeting

    I am pleased to announce that Cisco will be the Host for IETF 121 Dublin, 2-8 November 2024.

    • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director
    6 Nov 2023
  • Suggested IETF 118 Sessions for Getting Familiar with New Topics

    These IETF 118 meeting sessions included discussions and proposals that are accessible to a broad range of Internet technologists whether they are new to the IETF or long-time participants.

      4 Nov 2023

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    A Diverse IETF

    • Jari ArkkoIETF Chair

    29 Jul 2013

    I wanted to return to a topic that we have talked about before: increasing diversity at the IETF.

    The word ‘diversity’ is a catch phrase, but I’m talking about bringing different kinds of people into the IETF who have not traditionally been here. Making IETF inclusive for all participants. I am very proud to report that at this Berlin meeting, we have attendees from a record 73 different countries. It is rare to have an organisation that draws people from so many places. This is something to be proud of.

    But this is not enough. We need to go further. And I want to talk about the motivation in more depth. Why do we need to strive for a more inclusive IETF? And what are we doing about it? With this in mind, I worked with Pete Resnick to talk about our goals:

    First off, we have room to improve. Geographic diversity is just one tiny aspect of the overall goal. What about vendors and operators? More academicsGender diversity? Reaching to the areas of the world where there is still relatively little participation? Helping different participants to become editors and leaders? Coping with different discussion cultures? We recently talked to someone who classified the IETF as a “harsh” environment. IETF discussions go very quickly to critique and criticism of proposals, often in unnecessarily dismissing manner. Food for thought for all of us to improve our communication?

    Secondly, diverse teams work better. They have more experiences to draw on. They have several problem solving and communication styles. Thirdly, the world competes for talent. The IETF needs to welcome everyone.

    So, what are we doing? We can not claim we have made much of an impact yet, but we have started a number of efforts that will hopefully lead to great improvements in the long run. The Internet Society is helping us by increasing their outreach and fellows programs. Our Administrative Committee is planning an upcoming meeting in South America. Our leadership wants to get involved in a number of other forums and local events. We created a design team to understand the diversity problem and suggest solutions to make the IETF more inclusive. Volunteers created a mentor program that helps newcomers get introduced to the IETF. And there is a record 265 newcomers in this meeting.

    This is all great, but it is good to keep in mind that we have only started our journey. There is a lot of work ahead. And we are probably missing many things that we should be doing. Please send us feedback!

    P.S. We wanted to thank Kathleen, Suresh, Mary, Adrian, Brian, Alissa, Barbara, and others for interesting discussions in this space.

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