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  • IETF 117 Highlights

    IETF 117 is a few weeks behind us and Dhruv Dhody, IAB Member and liaison to the IESG, took the opportunity to report on a few highlights and some impressions.

    • Dhruv DhodyIAB Member and liaison to the IESG
    21 Aug 2023
  • Proposed response to meeting venue consultations and the complex issues raised

    The IETF Administration LLC recently sought feedback from the community on the possibility of holding an IETF Meeting in the cities of Beijing, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur and Shenzhen, with received feedback including views that were well expressed and well argued but strongly conflicting. The IETF LLC has considered this feedback in-depth and now seeks community feedback on its proposed response.

    • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director
    21 Aug 2023
  • Submit Birds of a Feather session proposals for IETF 118

    Now's the time to submit Birds of a Feather session (BOFs) ideas for the IETF 118 meeting 4-10 November 2023, with proposals due by 8 September.

      16 Aug 2023
    • Applied Networking Research Workshop 2023 Review

      More than 250 participants gathered online and in person for ANRW 2023, the academic workshop that provides a forum for researchers, vendors, network operators, and the Internet standards community to present and discuss emerging results in applied networking research.

      • Maria ApostolakiANRW Program co-chair
      • Francis YanANRW Program co-chair
      16 Aug 2023
    • IETF 117 post-meeting survey

      IETF 117 San Francisco was held 22-28 July 2023 and the results of the post-meeting survey are now available on a web-based interactive dashboard.

      • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director
      11 Aug 2023

    Filter by topic and date

    Filter by topic and date

    IETF 112 Sessions for New Participants

      1 Nov 2021

      This list of sessions at the IETF 112 meeting are likely to include discussions and new proposals that are accessible to a broad range of Internet technologists.

      Even if you are not a long-time IETF participant, there are many sessions at the IETF 112 Online meeting that will include topics and discussions of interest. A full agenda is available on the IETF Datatracker. Additional links to session agendas will be added to this page as they are available. Check out the IETF 112 newcomers webpage for more information.

      Note: All times UTC

      MONDAY, 1 November 2021

      Hackathon Kickoff
      The IETF Hackathon is an event where participants test that their running code can interoperate with others, or where new open source code is written, often to implement new IETF work. The kickoff meeting describes all the projects that will go on this week. Feel free to join an existing team to add some more bugs! You do not need to bring code; you can simply join a topic of interest and contribute to existing open source. For IETF Hackathons, a separate free registration is requested.

      WEDNESDAY, 3 November 2021

      IETF Plenary
      The plenary is the one meeting addressed to the entire IETF community. There are leadership reports about the state of the IETF, as well as “open mic” sessions for community feedback on a broad range of topics.

      Welcome Reception - Gather is an interactive site to replicate the experience of meeting people in the hotel hallway. Come by and meet some new people!

      Hot RFC Lightning Talks - Gather
      HotRFCs are short presentations making a case for collaboration on new standards work or research topics that haven’t been discussed elsewhere, including potentially relevant research that may be ready for consideration within the IETF.

      FRIDAY, 5 November 2021

      Hackathon Closing
      Hackathon participants brief the group about what they accomplished.

      MONDAY, 8 November 2021

      dispatch working group - Joint with ARTAREA
      This meeting accepts proposals for new work in the Applications and Real Time Area and determines the best venue in which to do the work.

      gaia (Global Access to the Internet for All) research group
      The GAIA research group considers Internet infrastructure development and deployment challenges, and new solutions for equitable network deployment. Talks will focus on spectrum sharing, community network deployments in Tanzania and in Thailand, and Internet exchange points and SDN.

      ohai (Oblivious HTTP Application Intermediation) working group
      OHAI will improve privacy by allowing no single entity to know both the resource that was requested and the identity of the client that requested it. This is its first meeting as a working group, and will therefore require little prior context to follow.

      iccrg (Internet Congestion Control) research group
      Speakers from academia and industry discuss their latest efforts to improve Internet congestion control and related topics. Like many other research group (RG) meetings, the talks here tend to be self-contained and require little prior context.

      TUESDAY, 9 November 2021

      intarea (Internet Area Working Group) working group
      New proposals on Internet address assignment and validation, including variable length addresses or reusing reserved IPv4 address space.

      opsawg(Operations and Management Area) working group
      Discussion of YANG, Intent Based Networking, packet captures, and some IoT.

      secdispatch (Security Dispatch) working group/Security Area Open Meeting
      Pitches for new security work are presented and receive community feedback on where in the IETF they could be done.

      Newcomers' Coffee Break - Gather is an interactive site to replicate the experience of meeting people in the hotel hallway. Come by and meet some new people!

      maprg(Measurement and Analysis for Protocols) research group
      Recent research that measures what is actually happening on the Internet with IETF protocols.

      irtfopen (Internet Research Task Force Open Meeting)
      News and updates from the Internet Research Task Force, along with talks by recent Applied Networking Research Prize winners.

      WEDNESDAY, 9 November 2021

      madinas (MAC Address Device Identification for Network and Application Services) working group
      As end hosts randomize their MAC address to preserve privacy, the network may have to update some of its mechanisms. This working group is just getting started, and little prior context will be required to follow along.

      hrpc (Human Rights Protocol Considerations) research group
      Examines if standards and protocols can enable, strengthen or threaten human rights. Will feature talks on "The global Internet Governance Forum: It's history and the future" and the "Design Justice" principles. It will also discuss protocols and their intersection with human rights, freedom of association, and feminism.

      rtgwg (Routing Area Working Group) working group
      Venue to discuss, evaluate, support, and develop proposals for new work in the Routing Area.  This WG also works on fast-reroute, YANG models, and other general routing topics.

      priv (Privacy Respecting Incorporation of Values) BOF
      PRIV is a "birds of a feather" (BOF) meeting to gauge interest in the IETF standardizing a privacy preserving protocol for aggregated statistics and metrics. As this is a new topic, it will be introduced as part of the meeting.

      alto (Application-Layer Traffic Optimization) working group
      ALTO is a protocol that allows clients to find the shortest path to a resource available at multiple addresses. Today, the working group is introducing new work to support its new charter.

      THURSDAY, 11 November 2021

      scim (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) working group
      This reopened group will tackle updates to the SCIM protocol, and introduce new work today.

      coinrg (Computing in the Network) research group

      The Computing in the Network Research group considers new network architectures that emphasise the merger of computation and networking, including programmable data planes, in-network machine learning, programmable routing, etc. Research talks tend to be relatively self-contained and require little prior context. 

      iabopen (Internet Architecture Board Open Meeting)
      In this session, the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) provides a more detailed update on their technical programs, workshops, and current work-in-process architectural guidance documents, and seeks community input.

      pearg (Privacy Enhancements and Assessments) research group
      Presentations and discussions on recent research on privacy enhancing systems, technologies, and protocols.

      Newcomers' Coffee Break - Gather
      A second chance to meet fellow new participants and exchange ideas with them,

      dnsop (Domain Name System Operations) working group
      Unsurprisingly, DNSOP discusses DNS Operations. This is an interesting WG for all newcomers who have even a passing interest in the DNS, and is one of the more approachable WGs.

      saag(Security Area Open Meeting / Security Dispatch) working group
      Time to discuss the overall state of the Security Area. The invited talk for this meeting will be from US NIST on their Post Quantum Cryptography project.

      FRIDAY, 12 November 2021

      dance (DANE Authentication for Network Clients Everywhere) working group
      DANCE is working to extend DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE, RFC 6698) from server authentication to client authentication.  This is its first meeting as a working group.

      httpapi (Building Blocks for HTTP APIs) working group
      HTTPAPI focuses on machine-to-machine general HTTP extensions, facilitated by HTTP APIs. Current work includes machine-readable errors and formats for representing sets of links as stand-alone documents.

      ntp (Network Time Protocol) working group
      This rechartered working group will discuss proposals to release version 5 of the venerable NTP.

      rtgarea (Routing Area Open Meeting)
      Time to discuss the overall state of the Routing Area.  It typically includes updates from a handful of WGs and general discussions.

      iotops (IOT Operations) working group
      IOTOPS discusses operational issues related to IoT, in particular related to device onboarding and lifecycle management. Unlike other working groups, IoTOps is primarily a discussion group for people to collaborate.

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