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Announcement lists

The IETF maintains four announcement lists: I-D Announce (, IETF Announce (, IPR Announce (, and IESG Agenda Distribution (

The I-D Announce list receives "I-D Action" announcements only.

The IETF Announce list receives announcements about IETF meetings, the activities and actions of the IESG, the RFC Editor, and the NomCom, and other announcements of interest to the IETF community. 

The IPR Announce list receives announcements when IPR disclosures are uploaded to the IETF website.

The IESG Agenda Distribution list receives the "Preliminary Agenda" for each IESG biweekly teleconference.

Email archives for the IETF-Announce, the I-D-Announce, and the IPR-Announce lists are accessible via the Web at: 

The MHonarc-based archives for the I-D Announce, the IETF Announce, the IPR Announce, and the IESG Agenda Distribution lists are accessible via the Web at: 
The HTML archive for messages sent to the IETF Announce list prior to April 1, 2004 are accessible via the Web at:The text archives for the mailing lists are located at the following URLs:To subscribe or unsubscribe to I-D-Announce, IETF Announce, IPR Announce, or IESG Agenda Distribution via the Web, visit the following links:

To subscribe by email, send a request to the following addresses: 

and enter the word subscribe in the Subject line of the message and in the message body.

To unsubscribe from one of these lists, please send a request as described above but containing unsubscribe in the Subject line and message body.

Please do not attempt to subscribe or unsubscribe by sending mail directly to the lists. Doing so will not result in the desired action but will irritate thousands of list subscribers.