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Discussion lists

IETF discussion lists are for ongoing conversations, the scope of which range from very broad to focused on a particular Working Group.

General IETF discussion list

The IETF discussion list serves two purposes. It furthers the development and specification of Internet technology through discussion of technical issues, and it hosts discussions of IETF direction, policy, and procedures. As this is the most general IETF mailing list, considerable latitude is allowed with respect to topics discussed. Advertising, whether to solicit business or to promote employment opportunities, falls well outside the range of acceptable topics, as do discussions of a personal nature.

The IETF discussion list is meant for initial discussion only. Discussions that fall within the area of any working group list (or other well established list) should be moved to that more specific list as soon as this is pointed out, unless the issue is one for which the working group needs wider input or direction.

In addition to the topics noted above, appropriate postings include:

  • Discussion of technical issues that are candidates for IETF work, but do not yet have an appropriate e-mail venue
  • Discussion of IETF administrative policies
  • Questions and clarifications concerning IETF meetings

Email archives for the IETF discussion list are accessible via the Web.

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to the IETF discussion list here.

Working Group Discussion Lists

Each IETF working group maintains a general discussion mailing list where most of its work is conducted. Mail on the working group mailing lists is expected to be technically relevant to the working groups supported by those lists.

Information on how to subscribe to an IETF working group mailing list, as well as the location of the mailing list archives, can be found on the Web page for that working group. Access to the Web pages for all active IETF working groups is available on the Active IETF Working Groups web page.

The archives for many working groups are housed at the IETF Secretariat. In those cases where the archives are housed elsewhere, the Secretariat attempts to maintain duplicate sets of text archives, with the messages for each working group stored in a separate subdirectory. The IETF Secretariat text archives are located at

Several IETF Working Groups maintain http-based mailing list archives both at and at other sites. Please visit Web-based Working Group E-mail Archives for a list of these.

Last Call Discussion List

The last-call list serves as a technical discussion forum for proposed protocol actions that are in IETF Last Call.

Architecture Discussion List

The architecture-discuss list serves as a technical discussion forum for all members of the IETF community that are interested in larger architectural issues. It is meant to be an open discussion forum for all long and/or wide range architectural concerns related to the Internet Architecture. In particular, it may be used to discuss and bring forth different points of view on controversial architectural questions. Discussions that drill down and dwell on specifics of individual protocols or technologies are to be discouraged, redirected to appropriate other fora, or re-cast to discussions of broader implications for Internet architecture.

This is an IAB-sponsored activity. IAB members participate as individuals and not representatives of the IAB. Community discussion of IAB activities and programs occurs on architecture-discuss, but messages for IAB business should still be directed to

Meeting Discussion Lists

Each IETF meeting has an attendee discussion list where attendees can connect with each other regarding issues related to the meeting.

Information on how to subscribe to the meeting attendee mailing list for the current meeting can be found on the Meeting Email Lists page. Attendees are also given the opportunity to subscribe to this mailing list when they register for the meeting.

Please note that messages to the Secretariat regarding meeting issues that require the involvement of the Secretariat or IAD should be sent to for quick resolution.

Administrative Discussion List

This list is for the discussion of any general issue related to the IETF LLC and its work, unless there is a more specific or appropriate list that could be used instead, such as a meeting discussion list. It is used as the reply-to address for IETF LLC consultations with the IETF community.

Inappropriate Postings to the IETF Discussion List

Inappropriate postings to the IETF discussion list include:

  • Unsolicited bulk e-mail
  • Discussion of subjects unrelated to IETF policy, meetings, activities, or technical concerns
  • Unprofessional commentary, regardless of the general subject

The IETF Chair or a sergeant-at-arms (SAA) appointed by the Chair is empowered to restrict posting by a person or of a thread as they deem appropriate to limit abuse. Complaints regarding their decisions should be referred to the IAB. The IETF SAA team relies on a set of guidelines, procedures, and templates. For more details, please see RFC 3005, "IETF Discussion List Charter."

The current sergeants-at-arms are:

  • Dhruv Dhody, serving since 2019
  • Dominique Lazanski, serving since 2021

NOTE: The IETF discussion list is performing spam control according to the guidelines given in the IESG guidelines on spam control. If you have problems posting to the list, then please send a message to the IETF Technical Support Team.

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