IETF 100 - Thursday Lunch Host Speaker Series

Topic: 3 years on: Open Standards, Open Source, Open Loop

Key Info

At IETF 91, many outrageous claims were proven only with emphatic assertion about the relationship between Open Standards and Open Source. Three years later, let’s take a look at how much progress has been made, if any; and discuss successes and failures. Communities of developers and engineers have fully formed Open Source efforts and are building large, effective communities without any documented standardization as a part of their strategy. How should SDOs interact with developers, communities and deployers of Open Source? There are claims and perhaps proof that Open Source now fully defines the industries "de facto Standards." Does the process of standardization and the contents and lifecycle of a standard need to fundamentally change?

David Ward of Cisco at IETF 100
David Ward of Cisco at IETF 100 © Stonehouse Photographic
Biography of Speaker:
Dave Ward, Senior Vice President, Chief Architect & CTO - Engineering

Dave is Chief Architect at Cisco Systems, responsible for architectural governance, defining strategy, development of new technology and leading use-inspired research. Working via tight partnerships with customers, partners, developers and academia he is also leading co-development and co-innovation initiatives. He has been the Routing Area Director at the IETF and chair of four Working Groups: IS-IS, HIP, BFD and Softwires and worked with the ITU-T, ONF and several Open Source consortia. David was also a Juniper Fellow and Chief Architect working on the operating system and next-generation routing systems. Dave has a small vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains, an heirloom tomato farm along the St. Croix River in Somerset, Wisconsin.