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IETF 109 Scavenger Hunt

Join your fellow IETFers in Gather for a scavenger hunt game!

  • Join the IETF Gather space.
  • Find the answers to at least 6 of the 10 clues.
  • Most of the clues will direct you to write down a secret word or secret words (which will appear between two asterisks, like *secret word*) as the answer. Clue 2 asks for a screen shot. Clue 4 asks you to answer a question.
  • To submit your answers, write down the secret words (or the answer to the question in Clue 4) in one email and attach the screen shot for Clue 2. Send that to with the subject line "IETF 109 Scavenger Hunt Entry."
  • The first 3 eligible entries will win a prize!

1) Someone has lost their power cord! Help them find it so that they can charge their computer. To identify who it belongs to, write down the secret words.

2) You can have conversations with several people at once in Gather. Take a screen shot of your avatar in a group of at least 4 people (please don't include participant video), like this:


3) Stephanie's dog Bailey has been keeping her company during the meeting. Bailey keeps trying to distract Stephanie with something. Find Bailey and record the secret word.

4) What appears above your head when you make your avatar dance? (hint: read the Gather guidelines if you don't know how to dance)

5) Someone left their drink on the pool table! When you find it, record the secret words.

6) When you find the window, you can see what your fellow IETFers are looking at besides their monitors. (Share your own view by sending a photo to!) Someone's window has a clue in it. When you find it, record the secret word.

7) It's way too hot in the Hackathon! Or maybe it's too cold? Either way, find the thermostat and record the secret word.

8) MADINAS is the only BOF at IETF 109, but there's another bird attempting to flock together in the Welcome to IETF 109 video. Find it and record the secret word.

9) Someone has been practicing the piano between sessions. Find their sheet music and record the secret word.

10) When the IETF goes to more labyrinthine venues, you might run into a goblin king where you least expect it. When you find him in a very secret spot near the pi, record the secret word.

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