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Meetecho for IETF 112

This page provides testing information for the Meetecho collaboration platform, which will be used for sessions held in conjunction with the IETF 112 meeting.

IETF 112 sessions will use the Meetecho collaboration platform. Meetecho brings together video and audio conferencing, meeting material sharing, text chat, shared notepad capability, and queue management. There is no client to install as Meetecho can be used directly in any desktop WebRTC-enabled web browser, but a bit of advance preparation is still recommended even if you have used Meetecho before.


Documentation provides information and tips about using Meetecho:

Testing opportunities

Session chairs

Session chairs can use the Meetecho Session Scheduler to set up a test sessions at their convenience. Creating a session in Meetecho only sets up a Meetecho conference and does not automatically create an interim meeting in the IETF Datatracker. Any string can be used for the “SESSION” field; and recordings of test sessions created ahead of the IETF meeting are discarded.

Meeting participants

Participant test sessions will be open 30 minutes ahead of the IETF 112 Plenary on 3 November and before and after sessions each day during IETF 112 meeting week (1130-1200 UTC 8-12 November and 1800-1830 UTC 8-11 July).

Note: It is advisable to review the documentation above before joining a test session.