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IETF 113 Vienna Frequently Asked Questions

IETF 113 will be the first-ever hybrid meeting and the first held since November 2019 with onsite participation. To help you get the best from this meeting, the most frequently asked questions have been answered below.

NOTE: Local COVID-management requirements are expected to change rapidly as the situation evolves. This FAQ will be updated as new information is available. Questions or suggestions are always welcome at:

Last updated 2022-03-16


When is meeting registration open?

Registration opened on 27 January 2022.

Why do I need to sign into Datatracker to register?

All participants, onsite and remote, will need to use Meetecho, the IETF’s meeting platform, which is accessed via Datatracker authentication. We ask you sign in at registration to ensure that your Meetecho login process goes smoothly during the meeting. If you don’t already have a Datatracker account, you can easily create an account free of charge.

Is vaccination against COVID required for onsite participation?

Yes. The IETF LLC and IESG are in agreement that vaccination against COVID is an appropriate and reasonable requirement for onsite participation. You will be asked to confirm your vaccination status at registration, without being asked to supply any proof, with the following declaration:

☑️ I confirm that I am fully vaccinated with a vaccine from the WHO Emergency Use List.

What else do I have to agree to when I register for onsite participation?

In addition to confirming that you are fully vaccinated (see above) you must also agree to the following statement:

☑️ I will take necessary precautions while attending IETF 113, including complying with all COVID-related requirements that apply to the event venue or that are otherwise communicated to me by the IETF. While taking such precautions may reduce risk, any in person participation includes possible exposure to, and illness from, infectious diseases. By choosing to attend IETF 113 in person, I knowingly and freely assume all such risks related to illness and infectious diseases, such as COVID, even if arising from the negligence or fault of the IETF LLC, or its agents or partners. Further, I waive and release IETF LLC, and its contractors, agents and partners from and against claims arising from injury, loss, sickness or death from contraction or spread of COVID or other communicable disease due to travel to or attendance at an event hosted by the IETF.

Are fee waivers available for IETF 113?

Yes, fee waivers are available for remote participants and you can request your fee waiver here.

What about VAT?

Onsite participants will see a Value Added Tax (VAT) charge on the registration receipt because it is required by the laws and regulations of the European Union (EU) and its Member States. Official VAT receipts will be issued as arrangements are finalized ahead of the meeting. Applicants registered for business purposes in an EU or non-EU country may be able to reclaim VAT.

Changes and Cancellation

Can I change registration types (e.g. from onsite to remote)?

Yes. If you register as an onsite participant and want to switch to remote participation then please email and the Secretariat will help you convert your registration. You will be re-registered at the same fee tier as your original registration, and be refunded the difference in fee. For example, if you register and pay for onsite participation during the early bird registration period and then convert that to remote participation, you will get the early bird remote participation fee rate even if we are one week from the meeting.

Will my meeting registration be refunded if the onsite meeting is cancelled?

Yes. If the IETF cancels the onsite part of the meeting and you have registered as an onsite participant, your fee will be refunded and you will have the option to register as a remote participant. 

Will my hotel reservation be refunded if I can no longer travel to the meeting?

If you are staying at the Hilton Vienna Park (the IETF meeting venue), please review the guest room cancellation terms. If you are staying at another property, you should closely review their terms. 

It is strongly recommend that onsite participants consider travel insurance for IETF 113. 


What will the meeting schedule be?

The IESG announced a schedule for IETF 113 that is similar to past fully-online meetings but slightly modified to accommodate local requirements (e.g. for cleaning of rooms between sessions). A final agenda has now been published. The IETF 113 Hackathon will be held using a hybrid model on 19-20 March. The IETF Datatracker agenda will be updated as further details are confirmed.

What COVID-specific measures will be in place for onsite participation?

The current COVID management plan is as follows. Except where specified, these are local requirements for a meeting in Vienna:

  • We will have a designated COVID officer onsite throughout the week. This is a local professional who specialises in providing this form of support to events.
  • All events with catering are 2G (vaccinated or proof of recovery). To simplify this, all onsite IETF meeting participants will need to be fully vaccinated (IETF requirement). Vaccination cards (or the equivalent such as the EU Green Pass) will be checked by IETF registration staff when attendees collect their badges.
  • Masks (FFP2 or better) must be worn except when eating and drinking, including when speaking at a microphone during meeting sessions. FFP2 masks will be made available to attendees at the IETF Registration Desk.
  • Participants will be provided with wearable coded indicators (size and colour) of their preferred level of social distancing.
  • Registration on arrival will be via electronic tablet and disinfected between guests
  • Meeting rooms will be disinfected between sessions
  • A door seal will be placed on all guest rooms to indicate that sanitization has been completed
  • A free COVID testing station will be 4 minutes walk away and at-home gargle tests will be available to attendees at the IETF Registration Desk. Details regarding the testing station and gargle tests will be provided upon check-in to the Hilton Vienna Park and at the IETF Registration Desk. The IETF is also trying to arrange a testing station in the venue but this may not be possible.

Please note:

  • Testing during the IETF meeting week is not required.
  • Assigned seating for food and beverage service, or during working sessions is not required.

How will onsite participation in working sessions change?

There will be a number of changes to the normal onsite participation. There is a new separate version of Meetecho, specifically designed to support these changes - designed for mobile and with no sound/video capabilities.

  • You will need to use the new Meetecho to sign the bluesheets
  • You will need to join the Meetecho queue in order to speak at the microphone instead of just queuing at the mic
  • Remote chairs will be able to share and control slides from Meetecho
  • Onsite speakers will be able to share and control slides from the new Meetecho
  • You will be able to use the new Meetecho to participate in the session chat

Can I test this new Meetecho before the meeting?

Yes, see Preparing for IETF 113

Will there be any change for remote participants?

Yes. With the changes to onsite participation we expect a number of the recurring concerns of remote participants, such as queue/microphone management, to have been mitigated.

Are session chairs or speakers required to participate in person?

No. Onsite participation is not required for anyone, including session chairs. Chairs will be able to use Meetecho to chair their sessions remotely. Training sessions and online guides are available for chairs (onsite and remote), speakers and all participants.

Travel and Venue

What are the COVID-specific requirements for entering Austria?

The entry requirements for Austria are that the "3-G" rule (vaccinated/recovered/tested) applies. Requirements change and may vary by the country from which you are arriving.

What are the COVID-specific requirements for being in Vienna?

Vienna has tighter rules than the rest of Austria. FFP2 masks are still mandatory in most indoor public areas, including all shops and museums. At restaurants, bars, clubs and gyms, the "2-G" rule (vaccinated/recovered) applies. Additional information is available at:

Will any special steps be taken for hotel room check-in?

Local requirements and measures may change. At this time, we understand guests will be required to show proof of vaccination, proof of recovery OR a negative PCR test on check-in to the hotel. Registration on arrival will be done via electronic tablet and disinfected between guests. A door seal will be placed on all guest rooms to indicate that sanitization has been completed.

Will COVID testing be available?

Yes, there is a free testing station only 4 minutes' walk from the venue. What3words location is: voting.anthems.pickles. More information is available in this PDF.

IETF 113 covid testing station

The Vienna information website has additional information about testing options.

Managing infections

What happens if I test positive for COVID when I’m attending IETF 113? 

If you receive a positive test result or suspect that you are positive for COVID-19, please return to your hotel room and contact our COVID Officer, or contact the Secretariat at There are official procedures (including in-room quarantine) and support in place for the city of Vienna that the designated COVID Officer will assist you with. The Vienna government provides more information on the current process and support for suspected COVID-19 cases.

We recommend that you have insurance in case you are required to quarantine longer than your expected stay and therefore incur additional cost. If this is not possible or there are complications then please contact us at to see what support and assistance we can provide.

What happens if another participant tests positive, will I be informed?

The COVID officer will decide on a case by case basis, following all local laws and regulations.