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This page provides a summary of information and resources to help newcomers to the IETF get started at IETF 113.

Welcome to IETF 113 Online! We have several of events designed to introduce and integrate IETF newcomers to the community. Dive in and have fun!

Newcomers Overview

The newcomers overview is divided into four sections:

  1. Introduction and overview of newcomers activities
  2. Structure of the IETF
  3. IETF Meeting Week
  4. Resources

The entire tutorial can be viewed in one approximately 20 minute block of time. Or, if you prefer, you can view each section separately. This introduction was developed to help newcomers understand how to start participating in the IETF. It’s intended to be a practical introduction. As such, it does not cover topics like the history of the IETF or how to author an Internet draft. Those topics are covered in other tutorials, available on our website. We strongly recommend that you download the accompanying slide deck.

Newcomer events at IETF 113

Newcomers' Question & Answer Sessions

What would you like to know before IETF 113 starts? These informal Newcomer's Q&A sessions are a way to ask those questions in a safe, welcome environment. We strongly recommend that you view the Newcomers Orientation before joining. These sessions are taking place in Gather at the following dates and times. Password: notewell

  • Wednesday, March 9 at 23:00 UTC/ 15:00 PT/ 18:00 ET/ 08:00 JST
  • Tuesday, March 15 at 12:00 UTC/ 05:00 PT/ 08:00 ET/ 21:00 JST

Newcomers' Coffee Break in Gather

The IETF Newcomers Coffee Breaks are 20-minute gatherings where you can quickly meet other newcomers and experienced IETFers. Share thoughts on how your week is going or ask any questions that you might have.  Coffee breaks will take place in the IETF 113 Gather space. Password: notewell

  • Tuesday, March 22 at 12:00 UTC/ 05:00 PT/ 08:00 ET/ 21:00 JST
  • Thursday, March 24 at 14:00 UTC/ 07:00 PT/ 10:00 ET/ 23:00 JST 

Stay connected anytime with the IETF Newcomers Slack channel:

Virtual Quick Connections 

  • Time: 15:00-16:00 UTC
  • Location: Gather (password: notewell)

    NOTE: Pre-registration is required and space is limited.

    Newcomers’ Quick Connections is a simple and effective way for you to be introduced to a variety of experienced IETF attendees — often working group (WG) chairs — who can help you get more involved in your areas of interest. Sign-up is available on your attendee dashboard.

Attending the 113 meeting in Vienna? Join our in-person activities!


Newcomers' Overview

  • Time: 11:30-12:30 UTC
  • Location: Park Suite 9

This tutorial is an introduction to the IETF's history, purpose, and processes.

Quick Connections 

  • Time: 15:00-16:00 UTC
  • Location: Park Ensemble of the Hilton Vienna Park Hotel .

    NOTE: Pre-registration is required and space is limited. Newcomers’ Quick Connections is a simple and effective way for you to be introduced to a variety of experienced IETF attendees — often working group (WG) chairs — who can help you get more involved in your areas of interest. You cansign up for Newcomers’ Quick Connections onsite in Vienna.


Newcomers' Dinner

  • Time: 18:00-19:30 UTC
  • Location: Restaurant Lenz Overflow Room

Organized by Secretariat, please note that there is a $25 entrance fee as this is not an IETF funded event. RSVP is available on your attendee dashboard by using your unique confirmation number at the end of the link below: (i.e. Direct link to your dashboard is also available in your confirmation email.


Newcomers' Feedback Session

  • Time: 7:30-8:30 UTC
  • Location: Grand Klimt Hall 3

We are always eager to get feedback on the effectiveness of our newcomer related activities. What do you wish you’d known before you arrived? Which programs or activities were especially helpful and which programs or activities need to be revised? A hot breakfast will be served to all attendees.

IETF Guides

The IETF Guides (formerly known as IETF Mentoring) program helps bring experienced IETF participants with newcomers in order to aid their integration into the IETF community through advice, help, and collected wisdom. For more information on the program see the IETF Guide page or sign-up.

IETF 113 Sessions for New Participants

Not sure what sessions to attend this meeting? No worries! We have put together a list of sessions that are likely to include discussions and new proposals that might be of interest for new participants.

Tao of the IETF

A wonderful resource for understanding how the IETF operates and its culture is the Tao of the IETF, A Novice's Guide to the Internet Engineering Task Force.  It is highly recommended reading for new IETF participants.

You can add these events into your calendar!

IETF 113 Meeting Agenda

The meeting agenda is dynamic and changes leading up to the meeting and throughout the meeting week. The most current version is always online.

Many people also view the agenda on their smartphone; IETF meeting agendas are available for iPhone and Android. The app checks for agenda updates each time you open it.

Resources for getting started

There are a variety of resources available to newcomers, including tutorials and web pages that describe the IETF processes and provide overviews of IETF technical work. 

Finding documents online

Internet-Drafts and RFCs can be found online using the IETF Datatracker. You can search on title, author or other criteria.

Other presentation materials, such as meeting slides that are presented in working sessions, can be found (usually but not always in advance of the session) on the IETF Datatracker meeting materials page.

A more complete collection of agenda’s, minutes, and slides -- known as the proceedings -- is available shortly after the meeting occurs. Also, video’s of the sessions will be available on the IETF’s channel on YouTube.

Next IETF meeting

Stay tuned for the latest information on the next IETF meeting scheduled for 25-31 March 2023

Visit the IETF 116 meeting webpage