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New Participants

This page provides a summary of information and resources to help new participants to the IETF.

Welcome New Participants! We have several resources designed to introduce and integrate IETF new participants to the community. This includes tutorials and web pages that describe the IETF processes and provide overviews of IETF technical work. You will also find information about what types of accounts you'll need. Dive in and have fun!

Getting started in the IETF

In order to register for an IETF meeting, you will need to create an IETF Datatracker account. Once you have an account, go to the meetings page and find the meeting you want to register for.

New Participants' Overview

This overview is divided into three sections:

  1. Overview of the IETF
  2. Introduction to an IETF meeting week
  3. Overview of resources (people, tools, information)

The entire tutorial can be viewed in a 20 minute block of time. Or, if you prefer, you can view each section separately. This introduction was developed to help new participants understand how to start participating in the IETF. It’s intended to be a practical introduction. As such, it does not cover topics like the history of the IETF or how to author an Internet draft. Those topics are covered in other tutorials, available on our website. We strongly recommend that you download the accompanying slide deck.



For all working group meetings and interim meetings, the IETF uses Meetecho for onsite and remote participation. Review information about Meetecho and how it is used to support meetings.


Stay connected anytime with the IETF's chat server Zulip. Join the IETF New Participants' Zulip Channel Workspace. For more information please review the guide to the group chat service.

Check out our meeting technology page for more information.

IETF Guides

The IETF Guides (formerly known as IETF Mentoring) program helps bring experienced IETF participants together with new participants in order to aid their integration into the IETF community through advice, help, and collected wisdom. For more information on the program see the IETF Guide page or sign-up.

Tao of the IETF

A resource for understanding how the IETF operates and its culture is the Tao of the IETF, A Novice's Guide to the Internet Engineering Task Force.  It is recommended reading for new IETF participants.

For other general information for new participants, see the getting started page.

IETF Meeting Agendas

The meeting agenda is dynamic and changes leading up to meetings and throughout the meeting week. The most current version is always online.

See the important dates page to stay informed about when registration opens and all deadlines related to the meeting.

The preliminary agenda for IETF 117 will be available 23 June 2023. It is up to each individual working group to post agendas.

New Participants' events at IETF 117 in San Francisco

All times below are in local time for San Francisco.

Sunday - July 23, 2023TBDNew Participant Overview (Onsite and Remote)This session is a review of the New Participants’ Overview Presentation and provides new participants with information on how the IETF works, what to expect at a meeting and much more. This session will be available via Meetecho and will be linked from the agenda.
Sunday - July 23, 2023TBDQuick Connections (Onsite only)NOTE: Pre-registration is required and available on your attendee dashboard. The Quick Connections is a simple and effective way for you to be introduced to a variety of experienced IETF attendees — often working group (WG) chairs — who can help you get more involved in your areas of interest.
Monday - July 24, 2023TBDNew Participants' Dinner (Onsite only)Join fellow new participants and make connections. Organized by Secretariat, please note that there is a $15 entrance fee as this is not an IETF funded event. RSVP is available on your attendee dashboard by using your unique confirmation number at the end of the link below: (i.e. Direct link to your dashboard is also available in your confirmation email.
Thursday - July 27, 2023TBDNew Participants' Social Hour (Onsite only)Come join us to chat about how your IETF week went. This is a great opportunity to meet IETF Leadership! Refreshments will be provided.

If you have any questions, please contact!

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